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- Pensak Technologies releases CateringStone, a breakthrough thermal consistency product for the catering, restaurant, and food transport industries


Pensak Technologies recently announced the release of its latest product, CateringStone, a breakthrough thermal consistency product for the catering, restaurant, and food service industries. Using 100% food-safe technology, CateringStone Cold and CateringStone Hot deliver constant, dependable temperatures of below 40°F and above 140°F. The products replace the need for ice, electricity, and open flame in a multitude of food-related applications.

Two versions of CateringStone Cold are available. These cold versions remain at a constant temperature of 14°F or -9°F and are good for 1,000 uses, for up to 20 hours per use. They replace thousands of dollars in ice, as well as offer a much more reliable thermal constant.

“No longer will caterers or restauranteurs need to haul bags of dripping ice from kitchen to venue, clean up the melted mess at the end of the evening, or pay for chests full of ice over and over again,” explains Pensak Technologies’ Director of Business Development Donald W. McNeill. “And, the implications for the safe transport of food are even greater.”

In contrast, CateringStone Hot maintains the temperature of hot foods above 140°F (up to 154°F) without continuing the cooking process. This is crucial not only to food’s visual appeal and taste, but more importantly, to its safety. And, unlike canned heat, CateringStone Hot lasts for 1,000 uses, for up to 6 hours per use.

“CateringStone Hot is an amazing solution for use when catering in locations where open flame is not permitted due to insurance regulations,” says McNeill. “Severely limited menu options when catering in offices, museums, and hospitals are now a thing of the past.”

CateringStones are easy to use. For cold units, freeze vertically overnight. For hot units, simply warm in boiling water for approximately 90 minutes, then use wherever heat is needed during transportation or service.

“Each joyous wedding reception, milestone corporate event, or special occasion dinner is a once in a lifetime celebration that will be remembered forever. Each tiny detail is important,” describes McNeill. “Now, caterers and restauranteurs can offer guests a truly unique opportunity to create a spectacular buffet display without the need for messy, melting ice baths, trailing electrical cords, or unattractive cans of potentially scorching open flame.”