• Can you see the infinite horizon?
    We Can. Been there. Done that.

    We are now expanding our practice to diversify the distribution of our IP and make our services available to a few new clients –
    We are accepting partners who have unique strengths that can be leveraged; ones who have a desire to be real game changers; and who have the courage to push forward to reach dominance in their markets.

  • Alchem-ICE

    We proudly introduce our latest venture in thermal consistency systems for long lasting accurate temperature regulation - Alchem-ICE.


    It may seem like magic, but it's not - it's science.

    Pensak Technologies
    is a number of things ...





    ... A home for companies launched by Dr. David Pensak and others,

    ... A focal point for consulting services by our entire team of scientists and business innovators,


    ... And yes, we are rocket scientists.

    And one of a few companies in the world adapting new developments and classic principles in physics, engineering, chemistry, computing and medicine to create novel solutions.

  • Very few companies are built around fundamentally new science, especially when invented by the founder.

    In bringing the Innovations of Dr. David Pensak through research to manufacturing and licensing completion levels Pensak Technologies has created well defined subsidiaries and holding companies giving flexibility in diversifying and licensing, and enabling plasticity in creative joint ventures.

    IP Opportunity Evaluation & Services

    The breadth of Pensak Technologies activity lets our team see solutions others would not.
    We have proven this over and over again in our own product and service solutions in a wide array of material and business domains.
    We can Identify the value in your untapped IP...
    ... Unearthing the Unobvious

    IP Opportunity Evaluation & Services

    Innovations are more than just products, they can be businesses, they can be communications techniques, they can be efficiencies, they can be motivators, they can be ways to use information differently.
    Pensak Technologies can show you where your existing talents and undervalued or abandoned IP can be used to go after broad new opportunities. We develop the tools and procedures to not only understand what you have, but get the world to understand it too (and beat a path to your door).


    Product & Business Development

    We've founded multiple businesses ourselves – so we know what it takes to actually get to market (and how to identify land mines and other storm clouds). We've made enough mistakes to fill a book (and we are actually writing such a book) – but we have learned from them (and from the mistakes of others). We've raised venture capital and we've self-funded. We've done IPO's and we've sold companies – none of ours have gone belly up. We've lectured and consulted around the world on our specific step by step approaches. We've developed exercises to energize your creative “juices” in practical scenarios.

    Innovation is not a Spectator Sport

    Innovation Analysis and Coaching
    We're different. We have studied the intellectual and organizational processes which, if followed, will enable everyone from the top down to generate the valuable ideas that are critical for growth. We can teach you how to make sure the targets you are going after are the right ones.
    The world is overflowing with innovation consultants. Some will wander around your organization asking lots of questions and then issue a report telling you what your people are thinking. Some will analyze your business and your markets and suggest how to grow. Some will try to add some sizzle to your “message”.
    We will get you to the state where you are saying “now why didn't I think of that” and train you so you will be able to get there again and again – without our having to be watching over you like a hawk.


    Forensic Cyber-security &

    Computational Linguistics

    Details upon Request

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    Posting soon, our latest venture for long lasting temperature regulation - Thermal Consistency Systems', Alchem-ICE.

  • The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation's Start-up Open Competition, a part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, recognizes Pensak Technologies Companies as one of the Top 50 Most Innovative Start-ups in the World for five consecutive years, five different product innovations and five different companies.

    Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is a global celebration of innovative and enterprising activity that was founded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.


    Startup Open, a featured event of Global Entrepreneurship Week, is a yearly global competition to identify and recognize the global ‘GEW 50’ – 50 of the most promising ventures from around the world, selected by a range of criteria including strength of concept, creativity, ambition, growth projections, and knowledge of the market.


    We at Pensak Technologies were delighted that GaussWear was on the 2014 GEW 50 list. We are further delighted when our next thermal consistency system product, CateringStone was named to the 2015 GEW 50 list. This was the fifth consecutive year Dr. Pensak and a PensakTechnologies venture received such recognition. No-one else has ever been cited for this award more than once!


    ... to make your business better, safer and more competitive through study and innovation in a wide array of material domains and business models. How can we help you?

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