• What is Pensak Technologies...


    Pensak Technologies is a home for all companies launched by world renowned scientist Dr. David Pensak.


    Pensak Technologies is also a focal point for consulting services by our entire team of scientists and business innovators. We are one of a few companies in the world adapting new developments and classic principles in physics, engineering, chemistry, computing and medicine to create novel solutions.


    We offer innovated solutions for your company; consulting, product development, innovation and invention



  • Our latest venture in thermal consistency systems for long lasting accurate temperature regulation


    It may seem like magic, but it's not - it's science.

    UbiquiShield is a family of patented fiberglass fabrics which provide flash flame deflection, as well as act as a heat and fire barrier.

    A patented new approach to apparel closure using rare earth magnets in new geometric patterns that we call Gausswear Bits.

    HemoStable is a suite of new technologies that improve the safety, and temperature, uniformity of blood products during collection, shipping, and use while decreasing labor and material costs.

    Aroma you can taste!

  • What we offer...

    IP Opportunity Evaluation & Services

    Keys to identifying the value in your untapped IP


    The breadth of Pensak Technologies activity lets our team see solutions others would not. We have proven this over and over again in our own product and service solutions in a wide array of material and business domains.


    Innovations are more than just products, they can be businesses, they can be communications techniques, they can be efficiencies, they can be motivators, they can be ways to use information differently.


    Pensak Technologies can show you where your existing talents and undervalued or abandoned IP can be used to go after broad new opportunities. We develop the tools and procedures to not only understand what you have, but get the world to understand it too.



    Product & Business Development

    Grow your business through innovation


    We help you make your business better, safer and more competitive through study and innovation in a wide array of material domains and business models. We've lectured and consulted around the world on our specific step by step approach to help your business grow.




    Innovation Analysis and Coaching​

    We wrote the book


    At Pensak Technologies we have studied the intellectual and organizational processes which will enable everyone from the top down to generate the valuable ideas that are critical for growth. We help you identify your targets and achieve your goals.


    With our innovative programs we will kick start your creativity and train you look at the many solutions to the problems we face.





    Let us keep you safe

    Forensic Cyber-security & Computational Linguistics. Details upon request.

  • About David Pensak

    David Pensak is one of the country's most prolific and successful innovators. A critical force in research at the E. I. Dupont de Nemours, Inc. for 30 years, Dr. Pensak also founded Raptor Systems, the computer security company that developed and brought to market the first commercially successful Internet firewall.


    He currently resides in Delaware with his loving wife and five Bichon Frise.

  • The Kauffman Foundation Official Selection


    The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation recognizes Pensak Technologies Companies as one of the Top 50 Most Innovative Start-ups in the World for five consecutive years, five different product innovations and five different companies.

  • We are expanding...

    Pensak Technologies is committed to partnering with individuals with unique strengths that can be leveraged; ones who have a desire to be real game changers; and who have the courage to push forward to reach dominance in their markets.

    We are now expanding our practice to diversify the distribution of our IP and make our services available to new clients.




  • We provide solutions for everyday...