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- Pensak Technologies announces cooperative testing of its new HemoStable products with the Blood Bank of Delmarva



Pensak Technologies, together with the Blood Bank of Delmarva, it will begin a cooperative testing process of HemoStable. HemoStable is Pensak Technologies’ internationally patented suite of new technologies designed to maintain the proper temperature of donated blood.  While high performance refrigeration plays a vital role in blood storage after collection, HemoStable vastly improves the safety and temperature uniformity of blood and blood products during initial collection and shipping, as well as in surgery.

According to American Red Cross data, every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood. Currently, however, approximately 500 pints of blood per day are lost due to spoilage. This is primarily due to fluctuations in blood temperature.  Now, when utilizing HemoStable, a bag of whole blood can remain within 2-6 degrees C, the optimal temperature range, for 20 hours without supplemental refrigeration.

Maintenance of blood temperature between +2 degrees C to +6 degrees C is essential to maintaining the oxygen carrying ability of blood.  In addition, exceeding the upper limit of 6 degrees C can contribute to the growth of bacteria and the contamination of the collected blood.

And, when collected if blood’s temperature dips below 2 degrees C, the red cells become haemolysed (hemoglobin is liberated into the medium in which the cells are suspended).  So, blood must never be allowed to freeze. If haemolysed cells are transfused, the patient may suffer renal failure or fatal bleeding problems.

Pensak Technologies’ HemoStable begins cooling the blood to the proper temperature as the initial collection process begins. HemoStable may also be utilized during the transport of blood, when the threat of temperature variation is at its greatest. And, the same technologies may even be employed within the surgery suite, so that the entire process -- from initial collection from a donor, through transport, and into the actual patient -- blood temperature safety is consistently and accurately maintained.

Pensak Technologies will coordinate the testing process with Blood Bank of Delmarvag’s CEO Roy Roper, Medical Director Dr. Theresa Boyd, and Lead Executive of Laboratory Services and Distribution Christopher Nare.

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